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Anniversaries | Baby Showers | Weddings

All of the best moments in our lives are marked by delicious foods. Whether you’re getting married, celebrating new life or cherishing a loved one, allow us to provide the food that brings all of your special event attendees together.

Our catering setup makes it easy to focus on the event, instead of just the food—we’ll make sure everyone comes away happy and full! Make sure the food at your special event is remembered for as long as the event itself. Get in touch with us to start planning your spread today. We’ll walk you through the many options and help you make menu decisions that are sure to be a hit when everyone starts digging in.



Corporate Parties | Meetings | Team buildings

From upscale company events to casual office meetings, celebrate the accomplishments of coworkers over a delicious spread of food! We cater all types of corporate and company events, enabling you to show your appreciation for your team and all of the hard work they put in.

Our catering options make it easy to feed the whole office. Just need lunch for a sit-in meeting? No problem, we can do that too! Our catering services scale to meet your exact needs, whether you’re at a gala event with hundreds or a board meeting with a dozen. We make it easy to feed everyone, so you can stay focused on the business at hand.



Birthdays | Networking | Reunions

Great food is a reason for groups to come together! Dig in alongside friends, family, coworkers or complete strangers and share a collective experience over amazing eats at your next social event. We’re ready with extensive menu options, prepared fresh and ready to serve at your upcoming get-together.

We work with you directly to plan the entirety of your social catering menu. Whether you’ve got a group of picky eaters or you’re trying to plan a spread for dozens of guests, we take the stress out of the situation and deliver a meal that’s sure to leave everyone completely satisfied.

Curry Bliss' Shubham Catering Services:

Shubham Banquet Hall offers full service event planning. We will take complete responsibility of all event details, and will relieve customers of multi-vendor coordination problems by presenting this one-stop shop. An event program director (EPD) will be assigned to each customer, and will work with that customer to establish and finalise the details of the catering services described in items. With this service, our customers can enjoy the event and not have to worry about how all the puzzle pieces of event planning fit together.

Curry Bliss helps customers create comprehensive plans for events by helping with things such as exploring and finalising event locations.

Curry Bliss team consists of unique and qualified event decorating specialists. Our customers love to utilise our decorating services to help add to the dining experience at their events.

Curry Bliss has a passion for making events something to remember. Integrating live music into an event is just one of the many ways that we can make an event more memorable. Upon request, Curry Bliss and Catering offers a variety of musical services, ranging from the famous DFW Karaoke Bollywood singers, to a full instrumental concert band.

Depending on the food selection, Shubham Banquet and Catering recommends and offers on-site cooking services so that the guests can enjoy freshly cooked and served delicacies.

The Curry Bliss and Catering service basic package includes the delivery of food contracted for event catering.

The Curry Bliss Restaurant and Catering service extended package includes the delivery of wine and liquor contracted for event catering.

Curry Bliss and Catering service extended package includes the in-person table service contracted for event catering.